The Path of Fear leads toward Dissolution.  Dissolution is a state of being that severs our connection to other beings and the universe by consuming us with the illusion that we are separate and isolated and must therefore do all that is necessary to protect ourselves in our isolation.

Fear’s influence is insidious because it is such an easy and common reaction to our environment.  Our thoughts, our attitudes, and our ways of being in the world are so often motivated by fear we are blind to fear.  We don’t know we are afraid.  We don’t think we are afraid – even though fear controls our every move.

In Fear our dreams become unobtainable, or loves undone, our lives unravel, and our souls develop sickness that lead us to disease, death, and other forms of self destruction in addiction and compulsive behaviors.  In Fear we become temporarily unable to feel the Creative Life Force and unable to receive its abundance.


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