The Thread of Dharma:

Weaving Your WHOLE Self into Your Life’s Work

An integrative, transformational experience  through sacred art and sacred sound.

You Get to Choose Your Energy.

There is a moment, there is a level of discernment, when you get to choose what energy you will jump into, what thread you will follow, from what energy you will act.

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Do you want to live and work by your own rhythm?

Do you want to stop striving and surrender into the divine wisdom of the creative cycle within and around you? There is a rich, rewarding and profoundly real way of living available to you–intuitive and divinely guided by the creative cycle of the natural world.

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Create a Conscious Economy

Money Is Not Your Only Resource.

When we left Atlanta, we sold most of what we owned, knowing that we not only were traveling for 40 days without a home base, but that we were, at the end, moving into an apartment that reduced our living space from 1600 to 600 square feet. We cut, and then we cut...

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Practices for Our Collective Anxiety

Today I took the day away from social media. I put a moratorium on reading the news. My whole system needed to be quiet. At breakfast, I told my husband, I woke up with this low level anxiety, simmering in the background. Me too, he said. Last week, I had two near...

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Walk with Me

Wisdom from a Creative and Devoted Life

Namaste, I’m Rebecca (Rama Devi) Prien.

I help you bring your whole self to you business through the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Meet Me

“Rebecca, you’re awesome. I look forward to your emails more than any other. Thank you for being your true self and bringing your wisdom into your work. You’ve inspired me to be more bold in my own work.”


Martha Hartney
Attorney & Counselor at Law, Hartney Law LLC

“It’s like you can feel our collective lifelines.”


Jess Larsen Jukelevics
Copywriter & Doula, Jess Larsen Jukelevics


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Sacred Geometry Art

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