Write It, Walk It, Draw It, Dance It Out.

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Spirituality + Business, Trust Your Inner Wisdom

This Spring, I heard a repeated whisper: Write. Write. Just because you want to. Then, more recently: Write your way into your work. Let the writing show you the form. It was a feeling, an energy, a knowing, more than a set of words.

You are witnessing that becoming form.

I have often thought that I’ve needed to understand and approach my business as a piece of art.

Art shows you itself. The piece directs you, teaches you. You’re not so much creating it as listening and watching for what it wants to be.

Our apartment told us how to decorate it. It is not an expression of our personal style. It is very much an expression of the house.

I am consciously taking this approach with my business and my body of work. I’ve thrown out any notion of grand plans and sweeping visions. I am writing it into form and watching for it to tell me what it is, one piece of work at a time.

The thing is: this is (in the words of Pema Chodron) a choice-less choice. It is the way it always is: life, business, dharma unfolds. We live into it, and living shapes it.

Let your work show you itself.

Let life show you itself.

Let it show you You.

Write it, Walk it, Draw it, Dance it out—and see what you create.

{And, yes, if you want support in the writing, walking, drawing, dancing of your own work’s unfolding, I’m available and I’d love that. Write me, and we’ll figure out what that looks like together.}



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