When We Do This Work, What Happens?

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Spirituality + Business, Trust Your Inner Wisdom

At the close of the first week (and first 3 sessions) of the Spring Equinox Energy Attunement I’m offering, I want to pause and reflect upon:

Why do this work? Why do the work of spiritual practice and discernment? Why engage with a guide or companion in hearing and following your intuitive wisdom?

When when we do this work, what happens?

Here are some insights and experiences:

  • Meet your spiritual teacher, who’s been present and dancing on the fringes of your awareness for 20 years (after acknowledging your longing for a spiritual teacher this year).
  • Reach the place in your repeated experience where you cannot get a foothold for change and begin to unwind and heal it.
  • Hear exactly what you need to hear to be clear and confident in moving forward.
  • Receive confirmation that your innate knowing is wise and accurate.
  • Practice a change in a habitual behavior, response or perspective energetically before infusing it into your physical life.
  • Receive concrete connections, ideas and strategies to support your work.
  • Use your mantra to work directly on what you’re experiencing. For example, if you’re working on fully expressing your voice in a new iteration of your work, the vibration of the Rama mantra, works directly on the 3rd chakra, which is the seat of your confidence and power but also the source of your voice, and the chanting opens the throat chakra and exercises your physical voice. Each of these mantras is multi-dimensional in meaning and operation: sound, chakra, quality, myth.
  • Receive wisdom on how to approach or proceed in your current situation (often counterintuitive to what your mind tells you to do), for example, do not rush, immerse yourself in creativity, play, be still.

We often think we don’t have time for this work. We don’t have time to meditate. We don’t have time to chant. We don’t have time to do any more energy work. We must do something concrete and productive.

And yet, the work to get quiet, the work to listen, the work to trust, is the most productive, transformative and informative time we can spend. It can guide us around obstacles and dead ends; it can prevent hand-wringing and circling-back. It can reveal solutions to problems we’ve been chewing on for years, and it can, certainly, make our time spent on the concrete tasks more focused, enjoyable and productive.

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