In Every Moment, You Contribute.

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Trust Your Inner Wisdom

I received this note today (I love getting notes from you—and I write back, because connection. . .but I digress):

“Hi Rebecca,
I’m very interested in your Ompreneur series. But I am struggling with what I have to offer. How can I figure that out? I don’t want to join in and take if I don’t have anything to contribute.”

If you have no idea what she’s talking about: I’m doing 3 live calls exploring money, energy and exchange, beginning Friday.

At the close of each invitation, I’ve written: There is no charge. There is, however, an exchange. (After all, that is what we’ll be exploring: the energy and forms of exchange.) I ask that you share with me what that exchange is for you: what are you contributing and what are you receiving.

First, I love it that I have conscious givers and receivers around me; that people value what I and others do and share. So, you are amazing. Thank you.

But my point . . .

Here’s what I responded:

“Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re bringing to the exchange yet. We’ll figure it out together. I’d love to have you there.”

Here’s the truth: You contribute every time you show up, anywhere, everywhere, in every moment.

You are adding value.

You have experience. You have perspective. You have stories and expertise and wisdom.

So, if you feel yourself struggling with the same question, trying to come up with something specific you know you’ll contribute in exchange, I’d love to have you. We’ll figure it out together.

That’s what this series is about: all the ways we engage in exchange, everything of value in that relationship, and how we limit the way we think of what we’re giving and what we’re receiving.

And, know that you are, by just showing up, giving me something in return: I get to share. I get to know you. I get to explore and deepen this work. It all enriches my experience, and it enriches the experience of everyone else.

Join us in the Facebook group here. I’ll talk to you Friday!

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