A Lightening Rod for Your Fullest Expression

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Walk the Path of Your Soul, Yantra: Sacred Geometry Art

When I began practicing mantra and learned that it is the “yoga of sound,” I asked my guru:

“Is there a yoga of color?”

It had seemed to me, innately, that there must be.

She was a prolific artist.

Years later, I asked her to teach me how to create sacred art like she does, to allow the divine to run through me into and out of my art, to create work that is a transmission in itself.

These soul yantra paintings are my answer.

Yoga is an experiential practice. Ma is an experiential teacher. She throws you into a practice and says, see how it goes.

I am being taught now. My art is teaching me. Mantra is teaching me. The relationship between sound and form is teaching me. It is rich and full, wildly awe-inspiring and humbling.

A soul yantra works just like a mantra: it transforms through vibration.

Mantra transforms through sound frequency. Soul yantra transforms through color frequency. It attunes you immediately to the essence of who you are, and it transmits what is emerging for and through you. Everything else drops away and is transformed.

This is mine.

I use it for open eye meditation and as a talisman for returning again and again, no matter what is happening around me, to Who I Am.

I have the capacity for 5 more soul yantra paintings this year.

Any others will be part of my Integration Intensive (more info coming next week) or through the immersive offerings of other master teachers.

I know you are a powerful, resonate being, and the divine wants to express fully through you. I can feel your longing for it to be so. A soul yantra painting is a lightening rod, organizing your energy and the conspiring universe around your fullest expression.

I would LOVE to paint your soul yantra.

Soul Yantra

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