If you could look up and see a reminder of your sacred self, how would it change your life?


Soul Yantra Paintings

Your soul yantra painting is your universal reflection:

a prism of your essential Self in all your radiant multi-dimensionality.

A Guide for Your Path

A Source of Wisdom and Solace

A Touchstone of Strength and Knowing

Your soul yantra painting is a meditation tool, a reminder of your inherent beauty and wholeness, a guide for your path, a source of wisdom and solace, a touchstone of strength and knowing, an energetic transmission . . . a talisman.

It offers a source of immediate connection and centering. A sacred reminder that you are a vast, spiritual being, bigger than any one of your experiences.

Your soul yantra painting, like all sacred objects, holds this power of sacred reminder and transformation. Use it to:


Shift uncertainty, anxiety, fear, confusion, and overwhelm.


Invite insight, clarity, wisdom, vision, and inspiration.


Amplify intention, contentment, gratitude, wonder, and joy.


Create sacred space and beauty in your home or office.


Commemorate a life event, transition or phase.

Your soul yantra painting is a focal point of resonance with your higher self. 

Your one-of-a-kind painting is a form of yantra. A yantra is a visual focal point of resonance with a specific form of divine energy. Sacred geometry, mandalas, the star of David and the cross are examples of yantra.

Your soul yantra is a visual focal point of resonance with the divine energy of You. It immediately connects you with your Higher Self.

Traditionally, yantra uses geometric shapes, each with a specific energy pattern. Your soul yantra is looser, more fluid and intuitive. It may contain sacred geometry or symbology that is meaningful to you. More likely, it will be an abstraction, with a prism of energetic qualities conveyed through color and composition. It transmits a feeling, a state of being, of recognition and aspiration. My intent is that, as a whole, it resonates with the core of your being.

Traditional Yantra

Your soul yantra painting is unique.

Soul yantra paintings vary greatly. Each is unique and created through a sacred, personalized process of dialogue, meditation and puja (moving prayer).

I understand this asks a high level of trust and surrender of you. I believe that is part of the process and the gift you give to yourself through a soul yantra: to allow yourself to be seen and reflected in this way, openly and with curiosity.

Soul yantra paintings are (most often) acrylic on stretched canvas, suitable for framing. They may also include gold or silver leaf, ink, ash, wax or watercolor.

Below are examples of my range of work. Some paintings were created by consciously discerning a soul vibration. Some were not, but convey a similar experience and impact. All my art is, in reality, an expression of connection to soul.

Your soul yantra painting is created through a sacred, personalized process.

IMG_0402I create your soul yantra painting through a personalized process of dialogue, meditation and puja (moving prayer).

When you commission your painting, you immediately receive a set of self-reflective prompts by email. You are invited to share desires, intentions, tensions and photos of the space intended for the painting. All of this can be done by email; however, it is often helpful in discerning your vibration accurately to see and hear you via Skype.

I then bring your intentions into meditation, mantra and puja with me. I listen for disharmony and harmony. I listen for wisdom. Symbols or colors come into awareness. I might do a shamanic journey asking about imagery or for guidance. I make notes, and I let this all ruminate, until the painting reveals itself to me. I set out to create the painting with a vision for composition, color and feeling, but the process of creating is what shows me your soul yantra.

Your soul yantra painting will be created and delivered in 1-3 months.

I create soul yantra paintings in order of commission. The time necessary for each painting depends upon its size and complexity and the demand or backlog for commissions. However, you can generally anticipate 1-3 months for creation and delivery.

Commission Your Soul Yantra Painting

9 x 12 in.


14 x 18 in.


18 x 24 in.

$1008 $720

Limited Special Offer

24 x 36 in.

$1800 $1008

Limited Special Offer

Pricing is for unframed commissions and does not include shipping and handling. Framing is available for a $108 consultation fee + cost of framing. Please inquiry after ordering.

Questions? Email me at rebecca@ompreneur.com.

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