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by | Apr 4, 2017 | Bring Your Whole Self to Your Business

Two years ago (two years, really?), while practicing yoga, I saw a clear integration of all of myself into my work through Ompreneur. This included my art, the last square peg.

That has become a reality in recent weeks. I’ve quietly offered soul yantra paintings to a handful of people, and I assumed I’d leave it at that. For now. Because the way I’d envisioned offering sacred art isn’t ripe yet . . .

Then my husband snapped this photo of me painting in my studio last night.

And this morning, I realized that I do not share my art with you. Somehow I’m an artist that does not present herself as an artist, and it is time for that to end.

I’ll be sharing artwork and wisdom from the process of creating it here.

And, as far as the integration of art into my offerings: I am accepting 2 more commissions for

Soul Yantra Paintings

A yantra is a visual focal point of resonance with a specific form of divine energy. Sacred geometry, mandalas, the star of David and the cross are examples of yantra. Your soul yantra painting is your universal reflection: a prism of your essential Self in all your radiant multi-dimensionality.

(I was not planning on sharing this offering with you today. Color me surprised.)

Click Here to Learn More.

If you are integrating your creativity, art, intuitive gifts or mysticism into you life’s work, I’m offering a circle of peers for professionals doing just that (which I was planning on sharing with you today).

In my 8 years of business and 16 years of practicing law, I have never seen an offering specifically for those of us who are both masterful professionals and gifted creatives or intuitives and refuse to be bifurcated—or trifurcated in my case. So, here we are. Bring your whole self.

Check it out here. I’d love to talk to you.

{so much more to come on my own story of integration}

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