When you commit to the live vein at the pulse of yourself . . .

by | Jan 14, 2017 | Dharma: Life Purpose + Sacred Work, Spirituality + Business, Walk the Path of Your Soul

Creating these new offerings has kicked up the all the dregs in me. I feel scraped out down to the bottom with a spoon: empty, raw, vulnerable, grateful and not quite yet re-integrated.

Because that’s what this work does.

When you commit to the live vein at the pulse of yourself, all the sludge rises to the surface.

And it’s fucking uncomfortable.

Which is probably why we don’t commit—not really—not to the real thing, to the truth at the heart of ourselves.

In my own relationship with commitment, there is a hesitancy, a resistance to saying, loudly and clearly, in words and in action: this is my choice, this is who I am, what I love. I can feel my energy pull up inside me, retracting into itself rather than making contact. I’m not sure what I’m afraid I’ll find there, in making contact, in commitment to a choice—or what I’m afraid I’ll loose.

I just know that it happens every time.

And, I know that every time I’ve committed—to marriage, to our move, to this work—it has been the greatest teacher, the greatest liberator, of my life.

We think the tug, the choice, the call forward is about our work or our marriage or our home, but it’s really about our liberation.

Your soul doesn’t care what you do for work. It cares that you heal. It is set on a course of liberation: to free you from the pain that plagues you and have you experience your (its) own exquisite wholeness.

Everything else—work, marriage, everything, anything—is a guide into the terrain that is You to its center.

If you didn’t heal then, if you don’t heal now, by committing to the truth at the heart of yourself, you’ll have every chance to do it again.

You know this. You know that the call of work, of expression, of partnership, of adventure, is calling you home to yourself, weaving you into wholeness, again and again.

I commit to you in this. Whether you pass-by, hang out on the blog, or join Saraswati Circle, I commit to you.

The door is open. It will remain open.

A spiritual teacher is not a salesperson. The urgency for and commitment to this work comes from within you.

When you want it, when you hear it call, it is here.

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