This is the third year I’ve been measuring key metrics in my business at the encouragement of my business coach.  But earlier this year, I wanted to make a greater shift in my relationship to my business.  I wanted to be more (as opposed to do more).  I wanted to listen more and act less.  I wanted to shift more profoundly away from my own business anxiety.  I might even go so far as to say, I wanted a different definition of my own success—one that actually reflected what I found truly valuable and satisfying.

So, I came up with a set of contentment metrics, posed as a set of questions to ask myself each day, week and month.  These are specific to me based upon what makes me tick.  Yours may be quite different.

Here are my contentment metrics:

  1. Did I connect with my Self?
  2. Did I create?
  3. Did I think about/talk about interesting, stimulating things?
  4. Did I help someone else?
  5. Did I act in integrity?

What are your contentment metrics?

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