“You’re in good hands in all states.”
~ Dr. Bernard Gunther | Udabuddha.com

We do business in a time of incredibly swift change.  Technology seems to be gobbling up what were once thriving areas of human endeavor, and people everywhere are feeling the pinch.  You may be one of millions of people who have lost their jobs, or graduated from a senior management career to be on your own and are now striving to reinvent yourself.  Or perhaps you’re a service provider whose business has been seriously impacted because some new technology has taken a bite out of your pie.  Or you may be struggling to attract clients, and you lie at wake at night wondering, “what’s next?”

At times we feel vulnerable, even desperate.  It may be helpful to remember that these feelings of anxiety are shadows of the ego, which loves fear above all, and to take stock of those things for which we can be grateful.

Perhaps you remember the poem “Foot Steps in the Sand,”  in which we ask god, “why do I see only one set of footsteps during the lowest times in my life?”  And god replies, “my child, those were the times I carried you.”   You may recall instances in your life and marvel at how you made it through.  With the right attitude you will see the divine will at work.

During our difficult times we look for insurance against trouble.  “You’re in good hands with Allstate,” claimed one insurance company once upon a time.  But there are no guarantees in life.  And when trouble comes we must surrender to the circumstances and trust and believe that it will pass, remembering the universe always finds some way of pulling us through.


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