Our Time is Calling.

by | Nov 13, 2016 | Dharma: Life Purpose + Sacred Work, Walk the Path of Your Soul

I want to share with you this post from Friday in the Money, Energy and Exchange Exploration, and extend to you its offer to talk about how your soul’s work meets the call of our times.

This is a different post than I’d imagined in asking, What now?

The election, quite honestly, has, to my mind, made business as usual a fiction in its immediate aftermath—and without acknowledgement of the division that stares us in the face, a contribution to the problem, through silence.

So, I sat with how to reconnect with you all in this space. My aspiration in my work is to encourage the welcoming of all of yourself, of the recognition and creation of wholeness. I wondered how politics fit into this whole person approach and intention, in a space that is not intended to be political and that aspires to hold space for the unfolding of your true selves. I felt sensitive to the inevitability that you all hold a different range of views and experiences. I felt sensitive to not knowing all of you well. I also felt a responsibility to lead both by not glossing over hard truths and by not inadvertently shutting people out.

This is what I came to: If you are here, you are committed to the work of your truest self. It is most important, especially now, that each of us does the work for which we are uniquely designed and called, that we each live our dharma.

Our dharma is connected to the dharma of our country and the dharma of humanity. We are all playing it out together. Right now.

Dharma meets the call of the times. I am hearing women—simply because I am connected to so many women—say they are called into their voice, their leadership, their work in a bigger way.

What is your work? How does it meet the call of the times?

I invite you into a personal conversation about that. Just click here to request and schedule a time.

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