Do Not Seek Answers. Live the Questions.

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Dharma: Life Purpose + Sacred Work, Walk the Path of Your Soul

Today marks the end of our 40 days of travel. (Coincidence that 40 days is the traditional length of a yoga sadhana (spiritual practice)? I think not.)

When we began our journey, I was asking several questions. I had even jotted down notes to write a post about the quality of our questions creating the quality of our experience.

That was, however true it felt at the time, a theory. It was clever; it was, perhaps even, click bait for the contemplative or spiritually-inclined reader who desired to manifest.

It is true: It is powerful to shift the questions you’re asking. All kinds of new information and perspectives show up.

Why? Because we unwittingly ask questions (and frame possibilities) from the narrow view of our current (or habitual) experience.

And that was the biggest problem with my clever, pre-journey blog post: there was not the wisdom of new experience backing it.

I was curious about how the journey would change my relationship with my husband, my work, my creativity, my spirituality, my body, my Self.

Really, underlying it all, I wanted to know: What will come out of the other side of this?

More specifically: What shape will my work take?

Most starkly (I literally wrote this in a note to myself): Will there be anything left of my life? Do I care?

I said I was curious, and I was . . . about everything but my work. I did not approach my work with curiosity. Curiosity is open-ended. It says, I wonder. It does not have an desired outcome; it doesn’t really seek an outcome or definitive answer at all.

I had posed my questions (about work and business in particular) seeking an answer. This trip was to provide me with Answers. That was my unspoken agenda.

Honestly, few Answers came, and I faced the end of our journey with as many unanswered questions as I had at the beginning.

Except for this, the greatest wisdom of this journey:

Live the Questions.

Take them on. Try them on. Experience them, in your body, on the road, in your business, on the page.

Live Them. Lean into Them. Give them everything you’ve got.

And let the experience sculpt you. Let the experience teach you.

There are your Answers.

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