Discover Your Dharma Archetype & Design Your Business for Who You Are by Nature

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Bring Your Whole Self to Your Business, Dharma: Life Purpose + Sacred Work, Spirituality + Business

The divine manifests and acts in the world through you. How you open to that grace and meet that challenge is your Dharma. It calls you to be fully alive. It calls you to serve the world.

Here’s the thing about Dharma: You cannot be anyone you want. You can only be yourself. Your dharma is you acting out of your very nature.

The world needs you to be yourself. Each of us plays an infinitely important role in the functioning and evolution of the world.
Our role is both individual and archetypical, in that, it carries out one of the five aims of life: sustenance, purpose, pleasure, wisdom, and freedom.

We are uniquely positioned and charged with this role. It is the key to our being fully alive. It is the key to designing a business in which we feel fully alive because it is our very nature. And it is the key to contributing to the world what we’ve uniquely and specifically come to contribute.

What’s Your Dharma Archetype?

The Dharma Archetypes are patterns of how the soul manifests and expresses, and are derived from the Vedic Scriptures, most notably the Bhagavad Gita, and Vedic Astrology.

How Can You Use Your Dharma Archetype to Design A Business for Who You Are by Nature?



In this PDF and Audio Recording, you’ll discover:
• Your Dharma Path Archetype
• Your Soul’s Aim
• Your Natural Intelligence
• Your Evolutionary Path
• Your Business Orientation
• Your Money Relationship

You will also learn:
• Why Most Business, Marketing & Money Programs Fail or Frustrate All But One Dharma Archetype
• How to Design a Business for Who You Are by Nature to Deliver Your Visionary Work
• How to Shift Your Approach to Business & Money for Greater Freedom & Fulfillment

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