If You’re Having to Restructure, Reorganize, Release, Rework—When You’re Itching to Create Something New—Read This.

by | May 14, 2017 | Dharma: Life Purpose + Sacred Work, Walk the Path of Your Soul

The thing about offering this work—what is undeniably deep spiritual work—is that you have to do this work. There are no short cuts. (You know if someone’s done it. You can feel it.)

And that, in my experience, is the biggest shift in the transition from a profession to a guide (if you will). It’s no longer about your subject matter expertise—although you may still be an expert—it’s about the mastery you embody.

You have to be it.

And that is a scary, and freaking maddening, proposition if you’ve led (and succeeded) with your training, your brain, your expertise for your entire life.

Because after the honeymoon, after you’ve been wooed and called and haunted by the longing of your soul and felt the bliss of your wholeness and your true self . . . and committed to living there . . . well, there’s work to be done.

We all want our spiritual practice to make us feel good. We all want our true calling to unfold with ease and grace. We all want alignment to bring flow.

Make it easy, please make it easy. (I don’t know: Am I the only one who asks for this?)

But, sometimes, we’re getting sculpted. Sometimes, things are getting dredged up and cleaned out. Sometimes, we’re being asked to become more than we know we are—or could alone conceive ourselves to be.

Sometimes, we’re being called into mastery (in the strangest, most unexpected and maddening ways).

If you’re having to restructure, reorganize, release, rework—when you’re itching to create something new—what if it’s an initiation into mastery?

I have only dangerously amateurish knowledge of astrology, but here’s what I do know: Saturn is a task-master, and he’s in retrograde (so if you didn’t get it the first seventeen times, you get another shot), but his gift is mastery.

I’m seeing Saturn as an elegant, stern but devoted, ballet teacher with a cane, tapping time: Do it again. Good. Do it again. Better. Do it again. Nice. Again. Again. Again.

This teacher will not take less than what she knows you are absolutely capable of (but that you don’t even know you’re capable of). She is going to shine you like a diamond and show you: what mastery—virtuosity—looks like. Because THAT is who you are.

If you want to support in your passage to mastery, hit reply, and we’ll find a time to talk. It’s on me.

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