What if you stopped striving?

by | May 31, 2017 | The Creative Cycle, Walk the Path of Your Soul

What if you stopped striving and surrendered into the divine wisdom in and around you?

What if?

Would you feel more at ease? More alive?

What would it take to trust that you can let go and ride the wave of life into your greatest expression and experience?

Fearlessness? I believe it does. Not in a hard, charging forward kind of way, but in a tender opening of vulnerability and relinquishing of control. The fearless willingness to embrace Life and Death and Change.

This past weekend, my husband and I returned to the beach where we filmed this video three years ago, at a time when I danced with fearlessness. (And I still do.)  I offer it as inspiration to stop your striving, to step into your moment, to dance with the fearlessness of being alive and offering yourself to the wild pulse of the Universe.

(If you cannot see the video, click here.)

There is a rich, rewarding and profoundly real way of living available to you–intuitive and divinely guided by the creative cycle of the natural world.

Nature has deep wisdom: there is a rhythm to life. Within that rhythm, there is right timing for everything: gestation, birth, growth, death.

You have this same deep wisdom. Harness it to cultivate trust, live in wonder and create sustainable growth, personally and professionally.


If this is what you’re longing for—surrender, fearlessness, flow—I invite you to two events this month:

The Divine Wisdom of the Creative Cycle

The Summer Solstice Energy Attunement

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