We are the work of our lives. We are the art of our souls.


Namaste, I’m Rebecca Prien (Rama Devi).


I am a personal essayist and an artist, a wisdom teacher and a mystic. I am also a lawyer.

All I teach is forged from this experience. The (seeming) dichotomy. The push-pull. The striving, the releasing, the crafting of a new, deeply personal definition of success and divinely connected approach to work and business. It’s all landed me here; it’s all created my life, my work and my Wisdom.


To say that I teach is a necessary inaccuracy.

I cannot teach Wisdom. Wisdom is embodied; it is forged by experience and honed by mastery. Your Wisdom is yours alone. I am simply a conduit. I teach practices to access and trust your own Wisdom, and I create a container to activate that Wisdom. I share my own Wisdom and reflect yours back to you.

Most of all, I embody what I teach. I am it. I live it first. Everything I teach, I practice. This is how I was taught and how I teach. The day I stop is the day I will stop, because . . .


I am my own first and last piece of work.

And you are yours. That is the choice-less choice of why we’re all here.

I help professionals integrate their creative, intuitive and spiritual gifts into their life’s work—and transform themselves and the way that they live and work in the process.

I have five lenses of insight—and a wealth of experience—to offer you:

  • sacred sound: a tantric practice that quiets the mind and strikes at the heart of your path
  • sacred art: a visual focal point of resonance with the divine energy of your Higher Self
  • your innate constitution: your sacred chemistry and sacred biology, from the Ayurveda system of holistic health
  • your dharma archetype: the archetypical aim, characteristics, lessons and gifts of your soul’s path, from yogic philosophy
  • harmonic business model design: the natural spine of your work and your natural mode of working meet sound business model strategy

These lenses create practical alchemy: integrating the parts of your work into a unique, coherent whole and transforming how you work according to the wisdom of who you are.

Through them, we consciously use the creative cycle of the natural world and the divine wisdom of your innate nature to support the conception, creation and delivery of your radically new work, from your whole self, in your full-throated voice.

Why work with me like this?

I listen, deeply. In the words my brother spoke at my wedding: “The most remarkable thing about Rebecca is how she listens. She really listens to you, with all of her attention, and she remembers, after you’ve forgotten, and thinks to ask you about it, sometimes years later. That is how much she cares.” I listen down to your vibration. (I’m not kidding.) I hear irregularities and disruptions, and I listen for what will harmonize them.

I hear divine wisdom. It comes through on the vibration of the mantra, the season, the energy of the group or the experience. It is not me: I can feel the shift, the movement into and through me. But when it comes through me, it strikes at the heart of things, at that place that cannot be touched or untangled or healed.

I ask incredible questions. I’ve spent a lifetime asking questions. If there is one thing that my experience as an attorney has brought to this work it is the ability to ask an incredible, revelatory question. A question that shifts the inquiry and therefore, the possibilities.

I see the natural spine of things. Composition has always been a natural strength: of a painting, of a piece of writing. I get what makes it strong, what makes it beautiful. Innately. I’ve also had seven years of experience witnessing and advising business owners, studying business models, and working on my own. I’m masterful at seeing the thread that runs through your work, and making it practical. (Being an intellectual property attorney also doesn’t hurt here.)

I live this. The messages and models of living and working I was taught didn’t work for me. I’ve learned that what works is actually the opposite: intuition, surrender, variety, flow. I have crafted a new, deeply personal definition of success and divinely connected approach to work and business. I’d love to share it with you and support you in your own.

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