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You Have a Mission.

You’ve always had a mission.  But your business—which you thought was its vehicle—is holding you up (and perhaps even holding you hostage).

You're Stuck at 6 Figures.

You’re working way to hard. Your business still needs more of you than you’d ever imagined it would at this stage.

Is This It?

Where’s the freedom, fulfillment & impact you’d imagined?

There Is More for You.

Isn’t it time to

Realize your life's dream.

Change your corner of the world.

Discover the time, energy and freedom to savor It.

Ompreneur helps you grow your business from 6- to 7-figures through

Mind & Energy Mastery

Develop mastery of your mind & energy and deepen the connection & trust in your wisdom.

Diverse & Leveraged Income Streams

Create new streams of income that do not depend upon your continued investment of time.

Conscious Profitability

Learn to “use the numbers” to consciously direct your business’s growth, profitability and social impact.


I’m Ompreneur Founder Rebecca Prien: business strategist, yoga adept and intellectual property attorney.

I can help you redesign your 6-figure service business to grow to a sane & sustainable 7-figures.

For the last 6 years, I’ve advised mid-6-figure business owners and here’s what I know:

  • Your business revenue is built on a core service offering (and the hours it demands).
  • You’re working way too hard.
  • You’ve hit a revenue ceiling.
  • You fear that breaking that ceiling will take everything out of you.
  • Despite having a team, you feel like everything still falls back on you.
  • You’d like your business to contribute beyond making a profit, but don’t know when and how it can do that.
  • Your mission—what makes it all worth doing—has gotten lost in the details and demands of running your business.
  • You have no time to expand your vision, grow your business or renew yourself.

The Tricky Reality Is:

Growing to 7-figures Demands A Different Model of Business.

You don’t need to know how to sell better to grow your business to 7-figures.

You’re already great at selling. Selling got you here. (Truthfully, just selling more at this pivotal point might actually drag your business under.)


You do need:

  • mastery of your mind & your energy;
  • connection & trust in your wisdom;
  • clear prioritization & mission-driven focus;
  • income streams that earn without more delivery hours;
  • income streams that strategically compliment your core offering;
  • profitability;
  • cash-flow management; and
  • the right team members in the right roles.

That is what I help you achieve.

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