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Scaling Your Business Can Feel Like This.

Multiply Revenue. Create Real Change.

Step into Deeper Leadership. Discover the Time to Savor it.

I’m Ompreneur Founder Rebecca Prien: business strategist, intellectual property attorney, and master yogi. To grow your business beyond 7-figures and create profound change in the world, I work with you to:

  • Feel centered, grounded and powerful—not overworked, depleted or a stranger to yourself.
  • Pioneer a truly new, integrative and holistic model of business leadership.
  • Leave your most powerful (and personal) legacy.
  • Multiply your business’s revenue by 2x-10x—and free up time.
  • Effect meaningful, broader-reaching change in your industry and the world.
  • Create a more profitable alternative (or addition) to sale of your business.
  • Direct your business’s growth, profitability and social impact with intentionality.
  • Identify the most profitable (and most socially impactful) shifts to your business model.
  • Earn up to 80% of revenue without service hours.

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