Trust Your Inner Wisdom

You Get to Choose Your Energy.

There is a moment, there is a level of discernment, when you get to choose what energy you will jump into, what thread you will follow, from what energy you will act.

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I adore you and your courageous heart.

“I adore you and your courageous heart.” The tears began to swell. Truth is: I’m scared out of my mind. Truly. Completely and utterly terrified. Staring into the abyss of the unknown. I am a fool. In my stubborn devotion. A wanderer on a stone path in the dark,...

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What do you want to do every day, but don’t?

(I have a crazy story to tell you—one that consumed most of the last month—but first, the idea and invitation that erupted out of it . . .) What do you want to do every day, but don't? For me, it’s Write—specifically, Write and Post. I’ve...

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You are a great river flowing.

Today, we begin a new practice in Sacred Sound Circle, diving into the flow of life and the power of nature, as we move toward the heart of Spring. I invite you to use the Spring to witness your own seeds of creation. What incubated in you over the Winter? What is...

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When We Do This Work, What Happens?

At the close of the first week (and first 3 sessions) of the Spring Equinox Energy Attunement I’m offering, I want to pause and reflect upon: Why do this work? Why do the work of spiritual practice and discernment? Why engage with a guide or companion in hearing and...

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Embrace Nothingness

This—this practice, this time of year—is liminal space. The space in between. The gap, bardo. If you look, if you listen, there is a gap, a moment of still silence in everything. Between the mantra is the breath. Between the mantra and the breath is nothing:...

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Walk with Me.

Wisdom from a Creative and Devoted Life.

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