Your Personal Mantra

An energetic transmission of healing and transformation through sanskrit mantra, intuited for you personally.

What if, this year, you could:

Get underneath all the mind-chatter and work at the root of your desires?

Transform what is wordless and just out of reach?

Express your whole self in your full-throated voice?

Your Personal Mantra has that power.

“Rebecca, you cannot even know. This is blowing my mind—it touches so much of my life and the places where I feel I can’t get a toehold with change.

“This morning, I sat in meditation with Hanuman and just cried with gratitude. Thank you for giving me the name of my true teacher.”

Nona Jordan

Nona Jordan Coaching

Your personal mantra is an energetic transmission of healing and transformation, intuited specifically for you from among 11 sanskrit mantras. Sanskrit mantra has an unparalleled ability to quiet the mind, transform the patterns that seem as-of-yet untouchable, and attune you to your intuition and divine wisdom. To discern your mantra, I listen down to your vibration. (I’m not kidding. It’s wild.) I hear irregularities and disruptions, and I listen for what will harmonize them. Your personal mantra is, thus, a potent seed of divine energy, capable of awakening in you the qualities and awarenesses most ripe for you.

Use Your personal mantra this year for:


Connect to your Self and Source—your well of vitality, wonder and power—in a deep and dynamic way.


Seek, receive and trust your divine wisdom.


Release and transform your karmic lineage.

“This is powerful stuff. [What I’ve been carrying around forever] is gone! Such a blessing. I’m on my knees with gratitude.

“I’ve had remarkable clarity (when doing my Ganesha practice) about where my time goes and where I want to spend my time, led by spirit. I have also seen my finances at a deeper level than ever (x 20), which is freeing!”

Lara Corr

Set Me Free Coaching

Through the practice of your personal mantra, you can expect to:


Find and fine-tune your voice—literal and figurative. Create more space—in your body and your life. Extend time. Expand your perspective of what’s possible.


Recalibrate to your natural state of balance. Experience wholeness and bliss. Alleviate anxiety and lower blood pressure.


Cultivate a depth of presence. Master your ability to discern, choose and direct your energy. Develop a deep well of resilience.

Yes, mantra is that miraculous.

I’m Rebecca Rama Devi Prien. I’ve practiced mantra (nearly) every day since falling in love with it over 11 years ago.

I am continually humbled by clients’ experiences with mantra—and with the ritual of a daily practice. Simply put: things shift.

This practice clears you out. It reaches that yet-unreachable place that wants to transform, and it recalibrates you to your natural state of balance.

“I just chanted. Oh, my goodness, feels so right. I’m deeply honored, Rebecca. Tearfully bowing to you, and to Durga and my own rising power. I can feel a shift, an intensity, after just one chant. YES.”

Jennifer Shryock

Be the Rainmaker

Mantra is so powerful because it uses the fundamental building block of everything in the Universe: sound.

At the most subatomic level, all matter is energy that vibrates. The ancient yogis studied the nature of energy-matter experientially long before physicists were able to deduce the mathematics and conduct the experiments that underlie quantum physics. But the conclusion was the same: we are vibrating energy, of the same substance, and connected to, the vibrating energy of the entire universe.

The sacred sounds of Sanskrit, in particular, have a profound impact on matter. Sanskrit is a vibrational language. It’s only meaning is the sound. It was discerned as the sound of the vibrational qualities of the universe: abundance, wholeness, transformation.

Sanskrit is used for nothing but spiritual practice. It has been used continually and repeatedly for spiritual practice for more than 3000 years, handed down from teacher to student in an unbroken energetic lineage.

This has incredible potency.

Mantra has an uncanny ability to still and quiet the mind, and it creates an energetic container that holds and supports you with all who have practiced it. In my experience, as both a student and a teacher, this not only makes it easier to commit consistently to a practice, but deepens and amplifies your practice.

“You are most definitely a transmissional teacher, and your voice is made for transmissions!”

Lisa Berkovitz

Let Soul Lead

Potent, intimate, and powerfully transformative, your personal mantra attunes you immediately to the essence of who you are and transmits what is emerging for and through you.

Everything else drops away and is transformed.

In a puja (moving prayer), I will ask and listen for your personal mantra for 2018 from among 11 sanskrit mantras:

The energies of all these mantras are beautiful and powerful. (I’m in love with them all.) Each was activated and handed down to me through the living masters of my yoga lineage, and I’ve chanted, experienced and experimented with them over the course of more than a decade. I discern your mantra for you personally (more on that below), and it is activated for you before you receive it.


The energy of

Groundedness • Perspective • Simplicty • Clarity • Insight


The Energy of

Love • Balance • Higher Self • Trust • Truth


The Energy of

Depth • Rhythm • Power •Beauty • Life


The Energy of

Creativity • Voice • Discernment • Mastery • Wisdom


The Energy of

Inner Fire • Calling • Bravery • Soul Journey • Commitment


The Energy of

Strenth • Devotion • Playfulness • Humility • Fearlessness


The Energy of

Radiance • Abundance • Lushness • Generosity • Receptivity


The Energy of

Compassion • Luminosity • Transformation • Regeneration • Infinity


The Energy of

Fierceness • Protection • Nurturance • Sovereignty • Magnanimity


The Energy of

Nature • Ferocity • Unearthing • Liberation • Integration


The Energy of

Eternity • Wholeness •  Silence • Transcendence • Bliss

“I couldn’t find a ‘nosa, stop playing’ gif. The light aspect is spot on.”

April Thomas

Strategic Diversity Management Solutions 360

“Thank you Rebecca! It’s amazing how appropriate this is.

“What I get most (and from every interaction with you) is the sense of slowing down to accelerate the expansion or movement of what we are working towards—almost like an alternate time reality.”

Meredith Sims

Heart Strong Wealth Planning

Listening for your mantra is an intimate experience, and it humbles me every time.

Here’s a glimpse into how I discern your mantra and answers to other common questions.

How do I do it?

Here’s a glimpse inside how I hear your personal mantra.

Puja is a moving prayer. My moving prayer is a practice of yoga that invokes devotion and detachment. That is how I want to enter into meditation: clear, empty and with great love. In this darkest part of the year, I bow to Shiva, the eternal essence, and to Kali, the releaser. I practice a dance of yoga, specific to honoring them, handing down by my Guru. I hold them in mind with each breath.

After which, I set out my Guru’s mala, pink quartz, amethyst and a tibetan bell in the space in which I will place cards with the names of the 11 energies for this years malas, and wrap my malas around my wrists. I ring the bell, listen to its perfect pitch and feel it clear and attune me. Then, I enter meditation with an invocation of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, and my Guru and her Guru.

This prayer on my breath, I practice what is called the death breath. It is then that I invite each of you in.

In the depth of meditation, I hear the vibration of your energy, your essence, and I hear the discords or disruptions in that vibration.

It’s subtle. It’s not like auditory voice or thoughts or even the voice of intuition. It’s more like a disruption in the silence. That first layer of sound before it becomes sound. Like Om itself.

With all of my attention on this experience of your vibration, I ask what will harmonize you, or sometimes, what you need this year and then I pull a mantra card. The mantra often surprises me (it is never what my mind would have offered you after reading your intentions), but when I listen for you again alongside the mantra, the frequency of the mantra always heals the discord.

Why 11 mantras? (Are they the same as last year?)

My guru taught that 11 repetitions completes a mala. In other words, the number 11 creates a complete practice–a whole. These 11 mantras are, in essence, a distillation of the whole universe in sanskrit sound and make a complete offering.

The mantras this year will be the same 11 as in 2017. These are foundational mantras. There’s a specific structure to them that hits the core resonance (seed sound) and makes them potent, and practically speaking, they are the simplest to learn and practice.

Will the mantra conflict with your religious practices and/or beliefs?

I work with mantra as energy. (That is what it is: energy in the form of sound vibration.)

It is my experience that, far from conflict with or attempt to convert clients from their own religion or spiritual path, the practice of mantra leads them deeper into it. It shows them their lineages. It introduces them to their teachers, and it deepens their own practice.

Mantra is a practice of yoga, which is its own spiritual path, and is rooted in the sacred Vedic texts, from which Hinduism also grew. The names of the mantras, therefore, have the same names and qualities depicted in Hindu mythology (which I find expansive, rich and beautiful). Most of the world’s religions have a doctrinal path and a mystic path. It could be said Hinduism and yoga are these to each other. The mystical branches of the world’s religions, which seek a direct experience of the divine, are strikingly similar, and clients with this bent, regardless of tradition, find mantra an easy addition to their own practices. 

These divine energies have no attachment to you loving their form. They will come to you, as you are, not as they are. So, if the names of the mantras do not resonate with you, rename them with one of their qualities, or that quality from your own spiritual or religious tradition. It is the intent and the energy that matters.

When will your receive your mantra?

I will be listening for personal mantras 3x a week during the months of December and January.

Immediately after you request your mantra, you will receive an email asking you about your intentions and anticipated challenges for the year. You will receive your mantra within a week of my receipt of your response. If there is a backlog due to high demand, I will email you to let you know when to anticipate receipt of your mantra.

Will you receive the same mantra as last year? (What if you do?)

I don’t know. The question I ask is what you need this year to move from the discord I hear into the harmonized resonance of your soul’s particular vibration. (That’s if I were to explain it in words. It’s a wordless experience and intention.)

So, yes, you could receive the same mantra this year as last year. It only means that it has more to teach and offer you. 

The question I would ask you is: How would it be to invest in a 2018 mantra for curiosity’s sake? Would it be worth it if you do receive the same mantra again?

Whether you receive the same mantra or a different mantra for 2018, you cannot lose.

We just don’t know what a mantra has to teach us, or why, or for how long, until we’re with it. 

Is there a way to work with both your mantra from last year and this year?

Yes, absolutely. 

All these energies in the mantras are beautiful and powerful. I am in love with them all and often work with more than one at a time. If you were to ask me what my aspiration is for my clients, it would be to love and work with all energies; befriend them, master their teachings, call upon them as needed, surrender to them when they beckon.

It’s an intimate relastionship that we develop with the energy of our mantra practice. You might feel sadness or resistance about “moving on” or “giving up” your 2017 mantra. Bring awareness to that. Non-attachment and embodiment (of that energy) might be the leading edge of your path right now. Feel into it. Get curious about the mantra that came through for you this year, and move into relationship with both from there. 

I know (and practice) two ways of working with more than one mantra: stacking and discernment.

Stacking is practicing one mantra immediately after the other. (There’s an art of feeling into the energy of each to decide which to practice first. I offer more on that in the notes on chanting you’ll receive with your mantra.) Stacking mantras activates and moves a lot of Shakti (spiritual energy). For that reason, I do not recommend stacking mantras if you are not practiced at mantra or other meditative practices that have cultivated your ability to hold Shakti.

Discernment is asking yourself which mantra you want to practice. You can ask each day, or each time you sit to practice, whether multiple times a day, or periodically. (I will often practice a different mantra at two or three different points during the day, intentionally or because one calls to me. Yes, I am revealing myself as a crazy person. You do not need to do this.) I recommend making a practice of feeling into what mantra you want or need to practice. It sharpens your ability to hear the subtleties of your own wisdom. 

When you request your personal mantra, you will receive:

A guided practice recording of your mantra

You will receive a professional-quality recording that teaches you your mantra and guides you in a practice of 108 repetitions.

An Initiation into the energy of your mantra

You will receive a short audio recording (and accompanying PDF) that explores the energetic aspects, as well as any rich archetypical or mythic symbolism, of your mantra.

5 words that distill the qualities that your mantra cultivates

Your mantra creates the vibration of particularly qualities of the Universe. You will receive 5 words that distill this essence (in a downloadable and printable PDF).

Notes on chanting and using your mantra

You will receive my written guidance on how to chant and use your mantra, as a daily practice or a periodic attunement tool.

Any intuitive message of wisdom that comes through when I discern your mantra

At times, I receive wisdom for you while I’m listening for your mantra. If this happens, you will receive an additional email or recording from me sharing this experience. This is part of the experience for only about a quarter of mantra recipients. 

“I like your mantra better than Deepak Chopra’s! I was more able to connect to the lyrical way you chant, and the personal selection by you especially for me made it more meaningful to me.”

Lea Sloan

Psychotherapist, Coach & Family Constellation Facilitator

Use your personal mantra daily, seasonally, or whenever you desire, to receive its wisdom and guidance.

Your mantra is versatile. Make it your own. Clients (and I) use their mantras in a variety of ways, including as: 


An Oracle

Your mantra can be as simple for you as a tarot card. Use it as an intuitive insight into what is most ripe for you in the year to come. 


A Talisman

Your mantra holds a concentration of energy for you, a powerful reminder of who you are and the path you walk. Use it when you need to connect in and remember. Or, create a rhythm of connecting in each season through Seasonal Energy Attunement. {Click here to learn more.}


A Guide

Your mantra is a powerful access point for your deepest wisdom. Use it as a guide seasonally and at key points of decision-making. Seasonal energy attunement is available for you to mine the depth of its guidance. {Click here to learn more.}


A Tuning Fork

Your mantra attunes you to the vibration of its qualities. Use it to cultivate and embody those qualities within yourself. Seasonal energy attunement is available for you to recalibrate in a fiercely-held sacred space. {Click here to learn more.}


A Daily Practice

Your mantra is a devotional, spiritual practice of embodiment. It quiets and focuses your mind. It connects you to the divine energy of all that is, and it shines you down to your essence. It cultivates its qualities and wisdom in you, through its sound vibration, until you become it at every level of your being. 

“My journey with my mantra wasn’t all that consistent, but it was [still] helpful. I became more aware of underylying beliefs and past experiences that were affecting my current life and was therefore able to make choices and changes as a result. Tara’s transformative and regenerateive energies came through and assisted me with those changes which allowed more light to flow through. I am indeed grateful.”

Ramani Vaught

Neonatal Nurse & Sound Healer

New this year!

Sacred Geometry Prints & Seasonal Energy Attunements


Simple, affordable ways to deepen your experience and amplify your transformation through your mantra.

Deepen your experience with a yantra: the sacred geometry of the energy of your mantra.

A yantra is the visual counterpart of your mantra’s energy in sacred geometry. Yantra works just like mantra: it transforms through vibration. Mantra transforms through sound frequency. Yantra transforms through color and spatial frequency (sacred geometry).  Use the yantra as a meditation device on its own or in conjunction with the mantra practice. Or, use it to create sacred space (and a visual reminder) in your home or office.

These fine art prints of my original artwork transmit the energy of your mantra through sacred geometry. I sung your mantra, while I painted its original yantra, infusing the work with the sound vibration as well as the sacred geometry and color frequency vibration. (Painting yantra is a spiritual practice in itself.)

All yantras are 12 in. x 12 in. giclee prints on watercolor paper.

The following yantras are available for shipping in January. All others will be available to ship in March. 

12 x 12 in. giclee print on watercolor paper.

*Be sure your mantra and your print are each in your shopping cart. 

**International shipping may incur an additional charge.

Amplify your transformation with seasonal energy attunement.

At each Equinox and Solstice of 2018, we’ll explore the depth of wisdom, healing and guidance your mantra holds for you in an intimate 90-minute group experience.

Your mantra harmonizes you. It accesses the highest form of wisdom for you and, through sound, integrates that wisdom into you until, ultimately, you become it at every level of being.

This, of course, doesn’t happen all at once, or in what feels like a smooth line of consistent forward progression. It’s like any other creative or growth cycle: it spirals through birth, life and death. You’ll likely experience periods of fascination, resistance, integration and embodiment in your practice of your mantra and your relationship with its qualities.

It helps to have a sacred space and community in which to do this work.

For most of us, being held and guided in a group allows us to go deeper than we can go in our own practice. 

When we drop the work of creating and holding a container for ourselves, we let go and drop in. With mantra and with a practiced teacher, this is even more so. Mantra creates an energetic container that holds and supports the group. In my experience, as both a student and a teacher, this not only makes it easier to commit consistently to a practice, but deepens and amplifies your practice.

You are also stepping into an unbroken energetic lineage, passed down from teacher to student. I have been steeped in the experience, symbolism, and meaning of these energies (and under the tutelage of living masters) for more than a decade. This means wisdom and insight to which you might not yet have access comes to me on the mantra for you when we work together. It is not me, but it does come through me. 

To facilitate that, before each group experience, I open to holding the energy of the mantra through a deeper, amplified set of physical, breath and sound practices, so that I am a conduit and a witness.

When clients chant with me in this kind of a fiercely-held space:

They Meet their spiritual teachers.

They come home to themselves, their lineage and their place in the world.

They reach and heal that which was previously un-reachable.

They release pain or heaviness they feel they've always carried.

They experience an expansion of time and space in their lives.

They Get clear on offerings or a direction that had previously eluded them.

They Find their voices and express their work with ease.

They regain talents that had disappeared.

Your Seasonal Energy Attunement is not a content call.

It is an embodied experience, an energetic transmission and a fully-present exchange, guided by the energy and wisdom of your mantra and your questions, reflections and needs.

Your seasonal energy attunement in 2018 includes: 

An energetic container for the year

In a puja, I will do an invocation and set an energetic container for the group, calling upon the energy of your mantra and the master teachers of my lineage. 

four (4) 90-minute group explorations of your mantra

We will gather together at the Equinoxes and the Solstices in 2018: during the weeks of March 19; June 18; September 17; and December 17. (The exact day and time will depend upon your mantra, and you will be notified as soon as your mantra is discerned.)

Together, we will chant your mantra and use our experience of that energy to discern wisdom and move into reflection and questions. You will have time dedicated to you personally and will share the experience of a handful of others who are working with the same energy this year.

a gemstone of the energy of your mantra , Hand-picked for you

I will personally select a gemstone that embodies the energy of your mantra for you as a talisman.

An On-Line Forum (off of facbeook)

Connect and share stories, challenges and insight throughout the year with others working with your mantra in a sacred space not cluttered with the distractions of Facebook.

Any intuitive messages of wisdom that comes through when I practice your mantra

I practice all of these mantras through the year (typically seasonally, or as they call.) At times, I receive wisdom for you individually or for the group. If this happens, I will share this experience in our on-ling forum. 

Seasonal Energy Attunement is a year-long commitment, payable by the month or the quarter.  All calls will be recorded, and you will have a chance to submit questions before and after the call.

Join me for 2018 by December 15, and you’ll Receive a special Winter Solstice Energy Attunement to conclude and release your work with your 2017 mantra.

Winter Solstice Energy Attunements are the week of December 18 at 1 and 3 ET and will be recorded.

*Be sure your mantra and your seasonal energy attunement are both in your shopping cart.

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