You have a sound, and I hear it.

I know: it’s wild.

Completely. Totally. Utterly.

It blew my mind too. It’s one of the wildest awe-inspiring things I’ve ever experienced.

And, mantra harmonizes it. Mantra literally harmonizes you.

How do I know? Because I hear it.

I hear the discord, and then I hear the harmony.

In a puja (moving prayer), I will ask and listen for your personal mantra for 2017 from among 11 sanskrit mantras.

Each mantra is a potent seed of divine energy, capable of awaking in you the qualities and awarenesses most ripe for the coming year.

Use it as a regular practice or periodic touchstone throughout the year to connect with its wisdom and guidance.

Rebecca, you cannot even know. This is blowing my mind—it touches so much of my life and the places where I feel I can’t get a toehold with change.

Nona Jordan

Here is a glimpse inside how I hear your personal mantra.

(Say no more. I want my mantra.)


Puja is a moving prayer. My moving prayer is a practice of yoga that evokes devotion and detachment. That is how I want to enter into meditation: clear, empty and with great love.

In this darkest part of the year, I bow to Shiva, the eternal essence, and to Kali, the releaser. I practice a dance of yoga, specific to honoring them, handing down by my Guru. I hold them in mind with each breath.

After this physical practice, I set out my Guru’s mala, pink quartz, amethyst and a tibetan bell in the space in which I will place cards with the names of the 11 energies for this year’s mantras, and I wrap my malas around my wrists.

I ring the bell, listen to its perfect pitch and feel it attune me.

Then, I enter meditation with an invocation of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, and my Guru and her Guru. (I practice in a lineage, an unbroken line of energy, in which teachings are handed down orally from teacher to student, which is why you hear me referring to my Guru several times here.)

This prayer on my breath, I practice what is called the death breath.

It is then that I invite each of you in, one at a time.

My experience has always been that I feel energy: the energy of spaces, the energy of people, experiences, choices to be made.

What I’ve learned is that I actually HEAR the frequencies of the energy.

It’s subtle. It’s not like auditory voice or thoughts or even the voice of intuition. It’s more like a disruption in the silence. That first layer of sound before it becomes sound. Like Om itself.

But in the depth of meditation, I hear it, not feel it.

I believe this is why my Guru always asked us to listen, in meditation, to the silence between mantra. The universe exists in sound. And it’s fucking subtle.

I hear the frequency you are vibrating at, and I hear the discords.

Then I listen for a mantra—or I ask to be shown from the spread of cards—and, while the mantra may surprise me, when I listen for you again, the frequency of the mantra always heals the discord.

It’s magic. The kind of magic that only tuning into the Universe can render.

And, I’m offering it to you.


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