In my Facebook feed the other morning, there was a beautiful quote about looking back at the time of death and knowing that you have expended all of your talent. I’m all in for that.

It was followed by a charge to dream BIG, run HARD . . .at that point, I had to stop reading.

It reminded me of a message that used to land in my email box regularly a year or so ago: The Universe Likes Speed.

It feels to me like, in these contexts, the call to spirituality is used to justify our pushing longer, faster, harder—and our purchasing more. (I’ve heard it—and it’s cousin “Money Loves Speed”—used at the end of content marketing launch campaigns, and I believe this spiritual abuse.)

I don’t know about you, but my commitment is to get off the hamster wheel.   To BE more and to DO less. To actually choose what I do consciously, with deep connectedness and awareness of natural rhythms and flow.

Here’s the thing:  The universe does not operate quickly or slowly.  It does not reward, and it does not punish.

The universe simply IS.   It unfolds in infinite wisdom.  And it operates according to laws of cause and effect—what can be called karma. (For a clear, demystified explanation of karma, see The 11 Karmic Spaces by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.)

The Universe (as we may call the vast Divine) may appear to act swiftly or slowly in contrast to the expectations and desires of our Egos but it doesn’t play by our Egos’ (or our economy’s or our culture’s) rules. In fact, when we apply those rules to asking the Universe to fulfill our hopes and dreams, we step out of flow with the Universe’s unfolding, infinite wisdom.

You are not behind. You are not missing your big shot. You are right where you need to be. On your path. In your life.

Go within.  You and the Universe will find each other there.


Rebecca 200

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