You are a great river flowing.

Apr 1, 2017 | Mantra: Sacred Sound, Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Today, we begin a new practice in Sacred Sound Circle, diving into the flow of life and the power of nature, as we move toward the heart of Spring.

I invite you to use the Spring to witness your own seeds of creation. What incubated in you over the Winter? What is wanting to be embraced, expressed, nurtured?

Our mantra for this season in Sacred Sound Circle is the Great River of Life, and it cultivates the energy of depth, rhythm, power and beauty—the energy of life itself. There is a force to this energy of the Great River of Life, like a deluge. It takes this force of energy to birth new life: think of a sprout cracking its seed and moving its way through the heavy soil to the surface. How much water and energy that must take, to break through.

When my husband and I travelled cross country last year, we camped in a canyon in New Mexico. Its thousands of feet of steep breathtaking canyon walls had been carved by what was now hardly a brook, but had once been a great river. Water shapes earth, nurtures life.

It is a force. Feeling its power terrifies and attracts me. I yearn for it, and I am afraid. I am recognizing, as I sit here watching it snow, wet and heavily, knowing that the rain will come and saturate the ground, that I am resistant to the Great River of Life. It demands too much surrender, too much release of control, too much trust in my own safety at its mercy. And so, for me, it is the perfect time to turn toward the Great River, and say, Teach Me. (And I do that through mantra.)

Know that you are held in the flow of life. You can let go. You are a great river flowing

If the power of the Great River of Life terrifies and attracts you too, if you want to deliberately engage with the great force of creation this Spring, join us.

We’ll immerse in her flow together. I’d love to have you.

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