Bring Your Whole Self to Your Business

A glimpse inside my art studio.

Two years ago (two years, really?), while practicing yoga, I saw a clear integration of all of myself into my work through Ompreneur. This included my art, the last square peg. That has become a reality in recent weeks. I’ve quietly offered soul yantra paintings to a...

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Fluidity Is (for Some of Us) More Effective than Focus

I work fluidly, moving in tandem between painting and writing, yoga and client calls. Last year I mused: “I often do my best work in tandem, moving back and forth fluidly between projects: paint & outline signature talk; yoga & write copy; hold a client call...

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Pointing at the moon is not the moon.

I need to write a new bio. I’ve been invited to be a guest expert on amplifying creativity through spiritual practice. These are not my words; these are the interviewer’s words (which is why they are so apt and so beautiful). When I read the invitation, I had two...

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Walk with Me.

Wisdom from a Creative and Devoted Life.

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