Walk the Path of Your Soul

Don’t Sit This One Out.

In my Facebook feed (which has been insane since the inauguration and women's march), there is a winding thread of discussion about the role of spiritual teachers, and just us as spiritual beings generally, in activism and/or political discussion. This is my...

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The Drumbeat of My WHY

There is a dirty little secret, a driving force to why we do the work that we do. There's the talent, the characteristic, the way of being that's always been there. And then there's the pain, the conundrum, the needling mis-belief that drives the necessity of the work...

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It’s been there all along.

One flight down There’s a song on low And it’s been there Playing all along. Now you know. Now you know. —Nora Jones I’ve always loved those lyrics. To me, this is how wisdom makes itself known. It rolls in like a song…and when we can finally hear it, when we listen...

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Walk with Me.

Wisdom from a Creative and Devoted Life.

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