Silent. Transformation.

Sep 6, 2016 | Trust Your Inner Wisdom

I have been silent—without words—in transformation for two months.

Much of this summer’s experience of traveling and resettling has been word-less.

Highly unusual. Highly perplexing.

Without words, I fail to understand (or so my mind tells me).

I have facility with words. They are the primary medium for my experience and my expression of my Self. They are how I know I have edges and my days have meaning.

They are form.

Without words, it can feel like I fail to exist (or so my mind tells me).

But there were no words; there were feelings and actions, raw and embodied, without the filter of words.

. . .

Deep transformation—at least for me—is Silent. It is also Private.

I want the space that turning inward provides. This will always be the case: I will always want and need The Space of Turning Inward.

I believe we all do.

I believe the messages of the business world, and of Internet marketing specifically, drill this out of us:

“Do Not Go Silent. Speak and Share Your Real-Time Transformation (because Transparency). Be Visible (Constantly).”

But, if we do not go silent, if we perpetuate a façade of unwavering energy and focus and inflate the value of persistent visibility, vocality and connection, what are we modeling?

If we do not overtly and transparently honor cycles, what are we teaching?

I believe we’re teaching the unnatural and the impossible: conditions and energy are constant; production and visibility are without ebb; success requires this.

I do not believe—and it is not my experience—that success requires this. Rather, it unfolds according to the ebb and flow of your natural cycle.

So, this is not a space where you will receive a new blog post on the same day every week year in and year out. There will be gaps; there will be gushes.

Because that is my ebb and flow.

Because that is your permission not be on all the time, to not be unwaveringly “consistent”—or create an infrastructure that makes it appear as if you are.

Because I embody what I teach.

And because we all need Silent Transformation in our own time (so let’s begin to honor it together).

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