Seasonal Energy Attunement

at the Equinoxes and Solstices

What wisdom and guidance does your personal mantra offer throughout the year?

Spring Equinox Energy Attunement | March 13 - 31

Your mantra harmonizes you. It accesses the highest form of wisdom for you and, through sound, integrates that wisdom into you until, ultimately, you become it at every level of being.

This, of course, doesn’t happen all at once, or in what feels like a smooth line of consistent forward progression. It’s like any other creative or growth cycle: it spirals through birth, life and death. You’ll likely experience periods of fascination, resistance, integration and embodiment in your practice of your mantra and your relationship with its qualities.

If you want to intentionally use the energy and practice of your mantra to:


Guide your choices and actions;


Heal a pattern of experience that plagues you;


Release what you no longer need;


Deepen your understanding of yourself;


Cultivate a deeper connection with the Divine;


Sharpen your ability to discern subtle energy as guiding wisdom; or


Embody the sacred.

Join me for

An Intimate Exploration of Sacred Energy, Wisdom and Attunement through Your Personal Mantra 




We’ll explore the depth of wisdom, healing and guidance your mantra holds for you right now in an intimate 90-minute group experience.

This is not a content call. It is an embodied experience, an energetic transmission and a fully-present exchange. It will be guided by the energy and wisdom of your mantra and your questions, reflections and needs.

To facilitate that, before each group experience, I open to holding the energy of the mantra through a deeper, amplified set of physical, breath and sound practices, so that I am a conduit and a witness.

Together, we will chant your mantra and use our experience of that energy to discern wisdom and move into reflection and questions. You will have time dedicated to you personally, and also will share the experience of a handful of others who are working with the same energy this year.

Next: Summer Solstice Energy Attunement

June 12 – 30

All seasonal energy attunements use the vibrational and energetic wisdom of your personal mantra, a powerful practice of sacred sound for insight and transformation. CLICK BELOW to receive your personal mantra and be first to know when registration opens for the Summer Solstice Energy Attunement.

Rebecca, you cannot even know. This [mantra] is blowing my mind—it touches so much of my life and the places where I feel I can’t get a toehold with change.

Nona Jordan

Nona Jordan Coaching

Why work with me like this?

I listen, deeply. In the words my brother spoke at my wedding: “The most remarkable thing about Rebecca is how she listens. She really listens to you, with all of her attention, and she remembers, after you’ve forgotten, and thinks to ask you about it, sometimes years later. That is how much she cares.” I listen down to your vibration. (I’m not kidding.) I hear irregularities and disruptions, and I listen for what will harmonize them.

I hear divine wisdom. It comes through on the vibration of the mantra, the season, the energy of the group or the experience. It is not me: I can feel the shift, the movement into and through me. But when it comes through me, it strikes at the heart of things, at that place that cannot be touched or untangled or healed.

I ask incredible questions. I’ve spent a lifetime asking questions. If there is one thing that my experience as an attorney has brought to this work it is the ability to ask an incredible, revelatory question. A question that shifts the inquiry and therefore, the possibilities.

I see the natural spine of things. Composition has always been a natural strength: of a painting, of a piece of writing. I get what makes it strong, what makes it beautiful. Innately. I’ve also had seven years of experience witnessing and advising business owners, studying business models, and working on my own. I’m masterful at seeing the thread that runs through your work, and making it practical. (Being an intellectual property attorney also doesn’t hurt here.)

I live this. The messages and models of living and working I was taught didn’t work for me. I’ve learned that what works is actually the opposite: intuition, surrender, variety, flow. I have crafted a new, deeply personal definition of success and divinely connected approach to work and business. I’d love to share it with you and support you in your own.

Man Rebecca, this is so true. The QUESTIONS you ask, the way you connect things. DAMN!!!!!! You’re amazing! I KNOW when I talk with you, I’m going to get some nugget. A good sense of direction. SOMETHING to get me going.

April Thomas

Strategic Diversity Management Solutions 360

Seasonal Energy Attunement

Amplify your transformation through your personal mantra.

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