How Science & Spirituality Meet to Awaken Your Deepest Knowing

by | Jun 3, 2017 | Trust Your Inner Wisdom

The miracle of yoga to me has always been this: you don’t have to believe it, you just have to do it.

And you experience results. You experience transformation. You experience wholeness and freedom. Yoga is what it does.

It is also true that the experiencee of wholeness, brought about by the practices of yoga, has a basis in science, in the very laws of the universe at the most fundamental level.

As someone who fell in love with yoga experientially and intellectually, this blows my mind. This is how the universe works, and the practices of yoga consciously and deliberately use its mechanics (and operate within you and your life on multiple levels). It is an actuality that you can experience.

Your infinite wholeness and its infinite wisdom (call it Spirit, call it Source, call it Pure Consciousness) is beyond mindset, beyond intuition, beyond even heart.

From it, all of these arise. In fact, what we call and experience as Pure Consciousness, is from where everything comes and to where everything returns. This is not just a concept that requires belief or faith. It is a phenomenon that we now know has a basis in science—in the very laws of the universe, as revealed by quantum physics.

Quantum physics, which is the study of the physical universe at the atomic and subatomic level, tells us two key things about the relationship of everything in the universe.

First, at the most subatomic level, all matter is energy that vibrates. This is a basic tenet of quantum mechanics. Second, the impact of this vibration on other subatomic particles is non-local, meaning it directly effects other particles even when it is separated by distance, even cosmic distances. This is quantum entanglement, which Einstein first described as “spooky action at a distance.” So, if electron A turns right, electron B will turn left and vice versa, instantaneously. This occurs as a vibration. This phenomenon occurs naturally and is ubiquitous. It is the way the universe, on the smallest scale, at the most fundamental level, works.

We, at the most fundamental level, are the same as light, the same as sound: we are vibrating energy.

The ancient yogis studied the nature of energy-matter experientially long before physicists were able to deduce the mathematics and conduct the experiments that underlie quantum physics. But the conclusion was the same: we are not one solid and separate physical being, we are vibrating energy, of the same substance and connected to the vibrating energy of the entire universe.

This is not only true in general way, as simply a truism. It is true in a specific, individualized way: you are a particular pattern of vibrating energy.

You can see that pattern in your innate intelligence, your biology, your path. It is all comprised of the same patterns of energy: you recognize it, you (may feel you) cannot escape it, because it IS you. And, for that reason, it is incredibly useful to work with in the realization of your life’s work. It leads you right there, always, in every way.

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