Reduce Spring Congestion with the Breath of Fire

by | May 12, 2017 | Seasonal Practices, Yoga + Meditation

According to Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science of holistic health, there are three biological energy forces, called Doshas: Vata (or Air), Pitta (or Fire) and Kapha (or Earth). The doshas are patterns, constellations of physical, emotional and mental traits. Everything that is manifest as form expresses as a combination of these three patterns, including you and the seasons.

How your traits interact with the qualities of the season is key to using the creative cycle in your business to increase ease and avoid burnout.

(You can find your dosha here.)

Spring has the qualities of Kapha, or Earth Saturated with Water: heavy, moist and cool. Each season tends to accumulate its qualities as it progresses, both in nature and in our bodies. In Spring, you may experience these qualities of Kapha as sluggishness or congestion.

You can use the practices of yoga to reduce (or avoid) the any excess of seasonal attributes in your body–and their symptoms.

Because Spring has the qualities of heavy, moist and cool, you want to create some heat and some lightness in your body to alleviate congestion or sluggishness.

This breath of fire practice (in the video below) will do that—and will fully oxygenate the body.

I’ve found it effective for moving stagnant or excess mucus or sluggishness in the body, including with colds. It is also balances the excessive qualities of air, like lack of focus and anxiety, which are characteristic in the Winter. This makes it an excellent breath practice for the transition from Winter into Spring, especially if you live where the temperature and weather patterns fluctuate wildly this time of year like I do.

Give it a try and see how it feels. Does it help? How do you feel? What shifts?

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