This work is an intimate and profound experience, and it humbles me every time. 

With gratitude to those who reflect this back to me.

Man Rebecca, what you say in your why work with me section is so true. The QUESTIONS you ask, the way you connect things. DAMN!!!!!! You’re amazing! I KNOW when I talk with you, I’m going to get some nugget. A good sense of direction. SOMETHING to get me going.

April Thomas

Strategic Diversity Management Solutions 360

“Rebecca, you cannot even know. This [mantra practice] is blowing my mind—it touches so much of my life and the places where I feel I can’t get a toehold with change.”

Nona Jordan

Nona Jordan Coaching

“The yoga practices are not just another support tool for my business; they are integral, and they are always working on multiple levels. There is a simplicity to them essential to the integration of business and spiritual practice, and there is a richness to this work that deepens with each month.”

Meredith Sims

Financial & Investment Advisor

“I have the clarity around my fully integrated work that I didn’t have before. Rebecca has an amazing ability to bring the structure but hold the space for creativity. I’ve experienced a lot of tension—and conflict—through this process, and Rebecca’s deep listening, intuition and grace have been key for me as I’ve found my voice, tapped into my authentic creativity and identified my core work.”

Shannon Bruce

StoryBridge Coaching

“This work is profound work. It’s shifting a lot. I deeply appreciate the openness at the center of things that gives me the time and space to soften into it. I am so excited that there are viable business models other than the same one you typically see taught.”

Julie Clarenbach

“I was very much in touch with myself while working with you . . . My business thrived during that time. I cannot name the direct relationship, but it did.”

Anne Sciarrone

H. Anne Blakely Sciarrone Architecture

“Working with Rebecca is invigorating. She knows how to ask all of the right questions and engage clients in a creative analytic inquiry. Rebecca truly understood. I came away feeling both clear about my next steps and options and inspired to expand my perspective and think outside of the box.”

Amy Hartmann Martell

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