Do you want to live and work by your own rhythm?

by | May 23, 2017 | Special Announcements, The Creative Cycle

Do you want to live and work by your own rhythm?


Do you want to stop striving and surrender into the divine wisdom of the creative cycle within and around you?


There is a rich, rewarding and profoundly real way of living available to you–intuitive and divinely guided by the creative cycle of the natural world.

Nature has deep wisdom: there is a rhythm to life. Within that rhythm, there is right timing for everything: gestation, birth, growth, death.

You have this same deep wisdom. Harness it to cultivate trust, live in wonder and create sustainable growth, personally and professionally.

I am beyond excited to share with you this up-coming workshop with Master Coach, Energy Healer and Earth Medicine Practitioner, Nona Jordan:


The Divine Wisdom of the Creative Cycle

An Exploration of the Medicine Wheel + Shamanic Journey with Nona Jordan

June 6 at Noon ET


Nona will share with us the aspects, wisdom and practical uses of the Medicine Wheel in our lives and our work and guide us on a shamanic journey of wisdom and healing, attuned to the turn of the season.

Join us to:

  • Connect with your innate wisdom.
  • Relax into your natural rhythm.
  • Gain wisdom and insight into your next right action
  • Trust right timing, knowing that you are fully supported.
  • Create joyful, sustainable growth.



Click Here to Learn More & Register.

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