Lasting Change Is Rooted in Your Energy Body.

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Spirituality + Business, Walk the Path of Your Soul

I had one of those visceral fully transformative moments this morning. One of those moments when you come to know something with your entire being.

Of course, I’d been skirting around, and even articulating and believing this recognition—intellectually—for some time. But knowing something intellectually, even believing it, and knowing it—in the deeper layers of your being—are two quite different things.

(This—as a related aside—is why I’ve never been a fan or advocate of “mindset” work.)

My visceral knowing was this: It’s all about energetic transformation, energetic healing and integration.

Change, healing has to happen in the energetic bodies to happen at all: this is where our karmic knots live. They’re just bubbling up to the surface in our experience from there.

We are energetic beings. We have one physical body and four (four!) energetic bodies. 80% of who we are, therefore, we cannot see. But we can perceive it.

That is where we work for for realization of our life’s work: on energetic transformation and mastery.

It works at multiple levels simultaneously; it does not require you to name and analyze every experience or desire (I will never forget that teaching from my guru: You don’t need to know what you’re releasing to release it.) and it has a practical and profound impact on your life and your business.

Why? Because you’re working with and on what is at the root, in its original form, rather than on the symptoms.

You can read more about why this is here and here. (This is the foundation of yoga. It is woven into all of the practices and all of the teachings. It is woven into you and your path, and a powerful facility to have at your disposal.)

Both The Divine Wisdom of the Creative Cycle, happening TOMORROW, and The Summer Solstice Energy Attunement, happening June 12-30, are these energetic practices.

I hope you can join us to use the energetic tools and wisdom available to you.

The Divine Wisdom of the Creative Cycle

An Exploration of the Medicine Wheel + Shamanic Journey

June 6 at Noon ET

Learn More

Summer Solstice Energy Attunement

An Exploration of the Medicine Wheel + Shamanic Journey

June 12-30

Learn More

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