It’s been there all along.

by | Jan 7, 2017 | Dharma: Life Purpose + Sacred Work, Walk the Path of Your Soul

One flight down
There’s a song on low
And it’s been there
Playing all along.
Now you know.
Now you know.
—Nora Jones

I’ve always loved those lyrics. To me, this is how wisdom makes itself known. It rolls in like a song…and when we can finally hear it, when we listen deeply enough, consistently enough, we realized that it’s always been there.

Who we are. What is right for us. The whisper of our wisdom has always been there. Constant. Consistent. Comforting.

I don’t know about you, but the truth of that always makes me cry. I want to curl up in it like a blanket and have a cup of tea. Take a breath. Finally breath out.

Yes. That.

The centrality of sound, specifically the sound of words, to how I learn, what I know, who I am, has always been there for me. Listening. Speaking. Writing. The sound and strength of my voice itself, both literal and literary. They have all been observed and commented upon, repeatedly.

The depth of that—how intimately and inextricably entwined it is in what I am here to do—has only become clear {just now} with creating offerings with mantra (the practice of sacred sound) at their center.

Wisdom literally rolls in to me on sound. And it strikes the heart of those for whom it is for.

It is the same for you.

Who you are, that whisper of wisdom that is always there, is inextricably entwined with what you are here to do. That is dharma: who you are is what you offer. It is so deeply rooted in you that it cannot be otherwise.

How can you surrender to the truth of that?

And how do you seduce your wisdom to come out of the silence?

So you can hear it . . . and what it’s been telling you all along.

This year I am offering 3 ways to support you in hearing and acting upon that profound truth at the depth of who you are.


Available through Monday, January 9

Your Personal Mantra for 2017 is a potent seed of divine energy, capable of awaking in you the qualities and awarenesses most ripe for the coming year. In a puja (moving prayer), I will ask and listen for your personal mantra for 2017 from among 11 sanskrit mantras. Use it as a regular practice or periodic touchstone throughout the year to connect with its wisdom and guidance.

Rebecca, you cannot even know. This is blowing my mind—it touches so much of my life and the places where I feel I can’t get a toehold with change.


Awesome. This feels perfect.



We begin January 10.

Sacred Sound Circle attunes you to the energies of the seasons through sacred sound and meditation to enhance your spiritual practice, access your deepest wisdom and live according to your innate nature.

Click Here to Learn More.


We begin January 16.

Saraswati Circle dives deep into the energy and wisdom that comes out of the practices in Sacred Sound Circle and puts it to use to support you living and working according to your own divine rhythm and nature. It brings together an intimate community of unusual spiritual depth and commitment to dharma.

Click Here to Learn More.

I’m honored to offer you these circles of spiritual leadership, intuitive guidance, and wisdom attunement this year.

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