Into the Void

A 40-Day Guided Journey of Sacred Sound to Release and Regenerate

December 1 – January 9

I respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared.

As we enter the darkest part of the year, I invite you on a deep and powerful journey of sacred sound to release and regenerate.

Together, We’ll Journey Into the Void to:







“This is profound work.”

Julie Clarenbach

Namaste, I’m Rebecca Rama Devi Prien.

I am a personal essayist and an artist, a mystic and a wisdom midwife, a laywer and a business owner.

I’ve come to understand the Winter Solstice as my transition from one year to the next.  I love the diving into the darkness and stillness.  I love the honoring and the letting go.  I love the quiet.  And I love seeing what comes.

The barrage of New Year program launches and your-best-year-yet calls is a clanging gong to me. It doesn’t match the natural energy of the season. It pierces my bliss.

And yet, I have deep reverence for natural endings and beginnings. Business (and life) flows so much easier (and wilder and more bountiful than we ever could have imagined) when we work according to natural rhythms and cycles.

This is that time of year: The natural world (here in the northern hemisphere) grows dark. The growth of the past year dies away. And there is a pause, a period of hibernation and incubation.

Often we skip it. We turn from the darkness. We do not allow the silence or the stillness. In our being or in the earth.

And we miss so much. Nurturance. Wisdom. That would carry us into creative action.

It is my experience that the most powerful and fulfilling work comes from this still, dark, silent well, where the Universe itelf speaks to and replenishes us.

Right now, in this moment in history, we need more than ever to be still, to turn inward first, to gather the discernment and the steady strength to act.

That is what this journey offers:

a powerful process of release and regeneration;

a profound experience of stillness and silence.

So you can hear your own deepest Wisdom, honor it, and act upon it.


December 1 to January 9

We will do a simple, 5-minute mantra practice.

*You will receive a recorded mantra by email each morning for practice on your own if you cannot make the live call.

I respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Mantra is the practice of chanting sacred sound. I’ve practiced mantra (nearly) every day since falling in love with it over 11 years ago. I am continually humbled by clients’ experiences with mantra—and with the ritual of a daily practice. Things shift. This practice clears you out. It reaches that yet-unreachable place that wants to transform, and it recalibrates you to your natural state of balance.

“This is powerful stuff. [What I’ve been carrying around forever] is gone! Such a blessing. I’m on my knees with gratitude.”

Lara Corr

Set Me Free Coaching

“Rebecca, you have no idea. This [mantra practice] is blowing my mind–it touches so much of my life and the places where I feel I can’t get a toehold with change.

“This morning, I sat in meditation and just cried with gratitude. Thank you for giving me the name of my true teacher.”

Nona Jordan

Nona Jordan Coaching

Mantra uses the fundamental building block of everything in the Universe: sound. At the most subatomic level, all matter is energy that vibrates. The ancient yogis studied the nature of energy-matter experientially long before physicists were able to decude the mathematics and conduct the experiments that underlie quantum physics. But the conclusion was the same: we are vibrating energy, of the same substance and connected to the vibrating energy of the entire universe.

The sacred sounds of Sanskrit, in particular, have a profound impact on matter. Sanskrit is a vibrational language. It’s only meaning is the sound. It was discerned as the sound of the vibrational qualities of the universe: abundance, wholeness, transformation.

Sanskrit is used for nothing but spiritual practice. It has been used continually and repeatedly for spiritual practice for more than 3000 years, handed down from teacher to student in an unbroken energetic lineage.

This has incredible potency.

Mantra has an uncanny ability to still and quiet the mind, and it creates an energetic container that holds and supports the group. In my experience, as both a student and a teacher, this not only makes it easier to commit consistently to a practice, but deepens and amplifies your practice.

For the first 20 days, we’ll use the sacred sanskrit sounds for the energy of Kali:



Drum of Time

For the last 20 days, we’ll use the sacred sanskrit sounds for the energy of Shiva:




“My mind has never been that silent in my life.”

Anne Sciarronne

H. Anne Sciarrone Architecture

At the midpoint, we will celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Light your candles. Set your intentional space. Bring your bells or singing bowls, if you have them. We’ll share poetry, mantra, reflection and conversation.

Together, these are a powerful energetic practice for letting go and allowing the space for what’s to come.

Perfect for the deep transformation of this darkest, stillest part of the year.

Join Us

December 1 – January 9

I respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared.

“You are most definitely a vibrational teacher, and your voice is made for transmissions!”

Lisa Berkovitz

Let Soul Lead

When you join us, you will receive:

A Daily 5-minute guided mantra practice

Each morning, you will receive a professional-quality guided mantra practice recording and an invitation to practice together live at Noon ET.

An Initiation into the energy of each mantra

For each practice, you will receive a short audio recording that explores their energetic aspects, as well as any rich archetypical or mythic symbolism.

An intuitive message of wisdom discerned from each mantra

During both our Kali and Shiva practices, I will ask and listen for a message for the group during my mantra practice.

A Yantra: the Sacred Geometry of the Energy of Each Mantra

For each practice, you will receive the visual counterpart of the mantra’s energy in sacred geometry. Use the yantra as a meditation device on its own or in conjunction with the mantra practice.

Into the Void

A 40-Day Journey of Sacred Sound to Release and Regenerate

December 1 – January 9

I respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared.

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