You are a master of your profession, at the point of transition, integration and the birth of something radically new.

You are a creative, an intuitive, a mystic, trained and experienced in a traditional profession, who is now turning fully toward your innate gifts and wanting to integrated them into your life’s work.

You can no longer deny yourself wholeness or the joyful power of singing out in your own full-throated voice.

Your creative and spiritual Self keeps whispering: it’s time. It’s time to be visible and active in the pursuits you’ve set aside—those innate talents and desires eclipsed by the professional all these years.

You no longer want any part of yourself, or what you have to offer, cut off, hidden or eclipsed. It’s time to own it all, and express it all, fully.

You know it all fits together and that there’s power in (finally) bringing it all together. You can feel it. You’re just not quite clear on how yet.

There is a thread that runs through it all—even the things that seem divergent and incompatible—a thread that is innate to you. Let’s find it.

Namaste, I’m Rebecca (Rama Devi) Prien.

I am an essayist and an artist, a yogi and a mystic, a business owner and a lawyer.

Maybe you’re like me (and, if you’re here, I suspect you are): I want to do it all. I want to use all of myself in my work. I don’t want to leave one single part of myself behind, unexplored, unexpressed, unexpended.

I’ve earned prestigious degrees and landed prestigious jobs. I’ve studied and practiced with living masters. But I’ve never really been willing to compartmentalize. It always left me wanting.

I’ve spent my life on a quest to integrate it all into something unique and deeply satisfying.

I believe this is the path of our dharma: all the seemingly disparate pieces of ourselves and our experience fit into our life’s calling—and when we finally catch a glimpse of that shimmering thread, it’s miraculous.

So, know that I know. I know it in my bones and my soul: the (seeming) dichotomy; the push-pull; the striving, the releasing; the defying of concerned, well-meaning and loving advice; the crafting of a new, deeply personal definition of success and divinely connected approach to work and business. It’s all landed me here; it’s all created my life, my work and my Wisdom.

I am a master weaver, a master of alchemy, and I embody what I offer. I am it. I live it first. All of it.

It is from my courageous heart to yours.

Join me for

The Thread of Dharma
Integration Intensive

The Integration Intensive is an immersive experience of sacred sound, sacred art and sacred space to weave your whole self into your life’s work.

Together, we will:

Reconnect to your innate core talents.
Attune to the energy of your dharma
Release and reimagine your outgrown professional identities
Reclaim the value of your creative + spiritual gifts
Find the thread that ties it all together
Get clear on what you will offer + to whom
Master moving seamlessly between soul + strategy
At the heart of your personal experience are:

Your Personal Mantra

Your personal mantra is an energetic transmission of healing and transformation, intuited specifically for you from among 11 sanskrit mantras. It is a potent seed of divine energy, capable of awakening in you the qualities and awarenesses most ripe for you.

Sanskrit mantra has an unparalleled ability to quiet the mind, transform the patterns that seem as-of-yet untouchable, and attune you to your intuition and divine wisdom.

I listen down to your vibration. (I’m not kidding.) I hear irregularities and disruptions, and I listen for what will harmonize them. 

Your Soul Yantra Painting

A soul yantra painting is a lightening rod, organizing your energy and the conspiring universe around your fullest expression.

It transforms and guides through the vibration of color frequency, specifically attuned to and discerned for you, returning you again and again, no matter what is happening around you, to Who You Are.

I create your soul yantra painting through an intimate and personal process of dialogue, meditation and puja (moving prayer).

Potent, intimate, and powerfully transformative, your personal mantra and soul yantra are your daily practice. They attune you immediately to the essence of who you are and transmit what is emerging for and through you. Everything else drops away and is transformed.

In this clear resonance of your essential self, all you have to offer is integrated seamlessley and effortlessly.

At the heart of your community experience are:

4 Guided Explorations

Oct 6 | Soul Resonance

Reconnect with your innate core talents

We’ll explore what is so deeply rooted in you, so intrinsic, that it cannot be otherwise, and how these innate core talents combine naturely and effortlessly into the foundation of your life’s work. We’ll reclaim the value of your creative and spiritual gifts.

Oct 20 | Professional Cloaks

Expore the fabric of your identities.

We’ll expore how weaving your whole self into your life’s work shifts professional identity; your value judgments and assumptions around identity; and who you are with and without these identities.

Nov 3 | Thread of Dharma

String It All Together

We’ll explore 5 forms of integration {perhaps discover more} and the vibrational, intuitive wisdom of dharma itself. We’ll find the thread that ties your diverse talents, training and experience together and get clear on what you will offer and to whom. 

Nov 17 | Thread of Practice

Weave Soul + Strategy into Life + Business

We’ll explore engaging in life and business from and with your whole self: intuition and intellect; spirituality and strategy; mysticism and metrics. We’ll seek mastery in discernment of {and action based upon} each’s role and acumen.  

2 Collective Conversations | Oct 27 + Dec 1

We’ll work together live on your questions, insights and reflections. There will be an opportunity to submit questions and engage in dialogue in a private on-line forum {off of Facebook}, if you cannot make the live calls. 

All Guided Explorations and Collective Conversations are live from 1:00-2:30 ET and will be recorded.

Registration is open to 9 members.

{Soul yantra paintings will be created in the order of registration.}

Weave Your WHOLE Self into Your Life’s Work.

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