Fearlessness. Freedom. Fulfillment.

It All Starts with Stillness.


Stillness & silence are so rare in our lives (and in our world).


Giving them to ourselves can feel like the greatest of luxuries.


And yet, that is what we crave:


A break from the craziness & the constant chatter;


A chance to actually know ourselves.


What if you intimately knew your Self?


What if you knew Who You Are without waiver?


And you made each choice about your Life’s Work from there?


What would change?


If you said, Everything, you are not alone.


I’m Rebecca (Rama Devi) Prien, Founder of Ompreneur.


In my experience, it does change Everything.


It is the one thing that will satiate your deepest longing.


And it begins  with Stillness.



Unlock Your Infinite Wisdom.

You have a source of Infinite Wisdom available to you at all times.

From this Infinite Wisdom, which is beyond mindset, beyond intuition, beyond heart even, arises fearlessness, freedom and fulfillment.


Do Not Wait for Freedom.

You do not need to wait for freedom.  You do not need to earn more.  Or have more time. Or raise your kids first.

Freedom is in you. Right now. It is in knowing yourself for Who You Are and What You Are Here to Do.

I Invite You to Experience the Sweet Stillness of Your Own Freedom.

Right Now.

Would you like to unlock your infinite wisdom and your own freedom?

Would you like to call forth your life’s work from the depth of  Who You Are without waiver?

Receive a powerful clearing meditation + mantra.

Plus learn how the soul manifests as you and why the practices of yoga work, when you . . .


Download your FREE audio class:

Master Your 5 Intelligences to Fearlessly Call Forth Your Visionary Work

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