Are you a masterful professional and a gifted creative or intuitive?

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Bring Your Whole Self to Your Business, Dharma: Life Purpose + Sacred Work, Spirituality + Business

Are you a masterful professional and a gifted creative or intuitive?

Me too.

Integration of all of myself into my life’s work has been a driving force of my life.

In my 8 years of business and 16 years of practicing law, I have never seen an offering specifically for those of us who are both masterful professionals and gifted creatives or intuitives and refuse to be bifurcated—or trifurcated in my case.

I’m now offering exactly that: a circle of peers for traditionally-trained professionals integrating their creative, intuitive and spiritual gifts into their lives work.

If: You’re getting clear on how to integrate your innate gifts, creativity and mysticism into your work. You’re transforming your professional business—or letting it go completely. You’ve received indications that your new, integrated voice and approach resonates . . . and . . .

You’re doing a confidence chacha, dancing between conviction and doubt: Will I need to drop my most monetarily valuable clients? Will anyone understand and value this, really? Does anyone want to approach {insert topic} this way? Will I be taken seriously anymore? Am I wasting my intellect and education? Who am I, anyway?

You’re mourning the removal of the well-worn cloak of your professional identity, even if it had always been ill-fitting. It is comfortable in its familiarity. It is recognized, understood, rewarded. And, this, where you’re headed, is unknown, unusual and not immediately understandable—potentially even misunderstood—at least in the professional world you’ve inhabited.

You’re being called by this new work into a new way of working and living. You’re being asked to not just do the work, but to be the work, to live and embody what you offer. That is challenging you to trust in the allowing and the ambiguity, to embrace fluidity and openness and divine timing. It’s amazing, it’s welcomed (after all the years of planning and strategizing and forward-directed motion), and it’s incredibly uncomfortable (despite that you’re practiced at it).

You’re longing for companions, co-conspirators, confidants. You don’t need teaching. You do need perspective. You do need support. You need cheerleaders and crafters and compatriots: people who will help you carve your radically new work into its most potent form.

You’re wanting someone else to hold the container, for once. You’ve done a lot of work with and for a lot of people. You’re very comfortable—and accustomed to—being the expert, the advisor, the one-who-holds-the-space. To be vulnerable, to be held and allowed to explore, and even to flounder, that is a rarer experience—one that creativity and mysticism and embodied wisdom require.

Join Us. Bring your whole self. You’re not alone. 

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